Terms & Conditions

This Terms & Conditions only applies to the Lao Huo Tang Catering Pte Ltd website/service and does not apply to the contents of third parties.

The Lao Huo Tang Catering Pte Ltd website/service (hereinafter known as “Service”) is offered to you hereinafter know as “Customer”) conditioned on your acceptance without modification of the terms, conditions, and notices contained herein. Your use of the Lao Huo Tang Catering Pte Ltd website/service constitutes your agreement to all such terms, conditions, and notices.


A. HALAL CERTIFICATION Lao Huo Tang Catering Pte Ltd is not Halal-Certified and in no way does it claimed to be. However, we use only healthy vegetable oil in the preparation of all buffet orders.

B. BUFFET SERVICE We provide island-wide buffet service throughout the year with no rest days.

C. GST CHARGES Our prices are nett with no GST charges.

D. PAYMENT Cash or cheque payment must be made upon delivery and receipt of buffet order. For cheque payments, please make cheque payable to “Lao Huo Tang Catering Pte Ltd”. For cash payments, customer is required to request the staff to sign with name on the invoice upon delivery of food by our staff. Lao Huo Tang Catering Pte Ltd will not entertain any dispute of payments unless proof of payment can be furnished.


  1. Please submit your buffet order online at least 3 working days in advance before your function date. Online submission is not proof of order unless as confirmed by us through phone/fax/email.
  2. We will contact you ASAP upon receipt of your online order. Please contact us if you do not hear from us within 48 hrs of your buffet submission.
  3. We reserve the right to reject orders when we are fully booked on that day.
  4. If your buffet order is urgent, we will be most happy and grateful if you can call us directly to firm things up.
  5. Customization of dishes can be discussed and arranged.
  6. Ala-Carte pricing is applicable if additional dish/s is added.
  7. Duration of function is 4 hrs (approx.), starting from arrival time.
  8. Food is best consumed within 2 hours from arrival time for set up , within 1 hour for mini buffet
  9. Lao Huo Tang Catering Pte Ltd shall not bear any responsibility for food consumed after the stipulated time line (3 hours after delivery).
  10. Increment of order must be in multiple of 5pax


  1. We will do and try our best for buffet order to arrive within an hour of the requested timing. With thriving road conditions in Singapore, it is beyond our control if it takes a longer time for the order to be delivered, due to unforeseen circumstances, e.g. Heavy road conditions. As such, the customer is still liable for payment and it does not constitute any refund on the buffet price or any form of compensation even if the buffet order is declined.
  2. Additional $15 charge will be imposed for orders within the CBD area at all times of the day.
  3. The management reserves the right to impose an additional charge if the buffet venue is not held on a lift level: Each level (add $15).

G. SUBSITUTATION OF DISHES Dishes can be substituted from the same price range or food category upon request, subject to availability. Maximum of 3 dishes the most, can be changed.

H. BUFFET ORDER’S CHANGES OR AMENDMENTS Changes or amendments must be made known to us latest within 2 working days from your function date. We reserve the right not to entertain any last minute changes or amendments to your buffet order.


  1. Cancellation of buffet order must be notified and reached to Lao Huo Tang Catering Pte Ltd in writing/fax/email at least 3 working days before your function date. No cancellations through phone is allowed unless as stated otherwise.
  2. The customer is liable to compensate Lao Huo Tang Catering Pte Ltd 50% of the total buffet costs should he/she cancel the order less than 3 working days before the function date.
  3. The customer is liable to compensate Lao Huo Tang Catering Pte Ltd 100% of the total buffet costs should he/she cancels the order less than 1 working day from the function date.

J. REPLACEMENT OF FOOD ITEM Lao Huo Tang Catering Pte Ltd reserve the right to replace any food item with another of equivalent value and category should the original food item ordered is not available.

K. LOSS OR DAMAGES The customer is responsible for the safekeeping of the utensils and food equipment provided for the buffet order. Our company reserves the right to charge or bill the customer for any loss or damages to these items